Love fiercely and steadily, foster curiosity, value adventure, and above all, cultivate kindness.

The backcountry is a sacred classroom for our family--- it’s where we feel invigorated, at peace, challenged, and are able to grow and bond in a significant way. I believe in nurturing with nature.

Road Trip Packing List

Road Trip Packing List

It's no secret that Huck and I love a good road trip. When my husband travels for work, we'll often load up the car and head down south for a few days. To be honest, I worry more about comfort and safety when I travel with Huck- especially when we're driving down those dusty dirt roads with no cell coverage. With all the other gear we need to pack for each trip, I like to make it easy on myself and leave a subset of supplies in our car all the time.

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Toddler Clothing

If you travel with toddlers, you know that they find their way into every puddle along the trail. And even with the best of intentions, sometimes accidents happen when you have a freshly potty trained passenger. We always keep clean pajamas, wipies, and a jacket (even on warm days).



Sure, we all have our favorite road trip snacks, but we always have some efficient fuel stashed in our car for days that we need a healthy pick me up. In our glovebox I always keep a handful of Pistachio Chewy Bites. There have been countless times I've gotten back to the car after hiking with Huck on my back, tired and shaky and desperate for some calories, protein, and salt. Before we leave on a trip, I not only bring enough water for our adventure, but also bring a few extra liters to store in the car. (You can find Pistachio Chewy Bites in Harmons or Smiths Marketplace).



Of course we all keep jumper cables and a window scraper in our cars, but the past few years I've used my lighter, headlamp, and multi tool more times than I can count. Although I've never used our first aid kit on our road trips, I always make sure to have one in the car. If you're traveling off the beaten path, you'll be happy for whatever your kit may hold in case of an accident. 


A few other comfort items

As somebody that always gets cold in the car, I love to keep a packable blanket in the car. While it might seem trivial, letting Huck cuddle under the blanket in is carseat seems to help him fall asleep on our long drives. An extra pair of dry socks for both of us are always a must. And gloves- don't underestimate how a warm pair of gloves can help you while you're working on a quick repair or setting up camp.

Happy travels!

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